We are a permaculture farm growing high quality, nutrient rich produce, herbs, and flowers, for the community at affordable prices. We believe healthy food should be affordable and not be more expensive, just because it's  "organic."  We are acting as stewards of the land, by not just farming food, but also building the soil food web. We farm with nature and only spray our own holistic teas. We grow extensively not intensely, so there is an abundance for everyone!

Community Supported Agriculture


Vegetable Delivery Program

Our CSA runs for 9 months, from March until November.

We ask for members to sign up for deliveries for the entire growing season.

Our Full Shares are $25 and are a generous variety of seasonal vegetables.

We offer two payment options: Paying for the year or on a monthly basis. And these options include variations of delivery quantity for the month. Sign up with us for the growing year (March-November), choose the option of how many deliveries per month you would like, and then choose which payment plan is best for you. 

Delivery Options and Payment Plan for CSA Delivery: 
Once a month - $25 per month for 9 months OR $200 deal for the growing season 

Twice a month - $50 per month for 9 months OR $400 deal for the growing season  
Three a month - $75 per month for 9 months OR $600 deal for the growing season 
Full month - $100 per month for 9 months OR $800 deal for the growing season 


Flower Bouquet Subscription

Our Flower Subscription runs for 9 months, from March until November. 

Our bouquets are $15 and that includes delivery. 

We encourage you to sign up for the flower subscription for the growing year (March until November). Decide how many flower deliveries you would like per month and which payment option works best for you.  


Delivery Options and Payment Plan for Flower Subscriptions: 
Once a month -  $15 per month for 9 months OR $120 deal for the growing season 

Twice a month - $30 per month for 9 months OR $240 deal for the growing season 
Three a month - $45 per month for 9 months OR $360 deal for the growing season 
Full month - $60 per month for 9 months OR $480 deal for the growing season 


*Flower bouquets can always be specially requested, given that there is enough time permitted before delivery. 


Farm Fresh Eggs 

Farm fresh eggs from our free ranging ladies are $5 per dozen!

Our chickens are happy, healthy, and laying! Our lovely ladies help eat any extra produce we have, so that we have limited farm waste, and they are well fed. These eggs are the best and there is a difference you can see and taste.

Eggs can be added on to orders at any time. Please let us know if you would like eggs, with enough time before delivery day.

Current Availability






Availability due to change.

We’ve Got the Herb!

We have a variety of culinary herbs!

English Thyme

Lemon Thyme

Golden Sage

Common Sage



Syrian Oregano

Chocolate Mint

Pineapple Mint

Regular Mint

Bee Balm

Lemon Balm



Variety of Basil


Availability due to change.

We Grow Flowers!

We have gorgeous blooms of seasonal flowers available all year!

Order a bouquet from us! We deliver to you!

Each bouquet has a variety of freshly cut flowers that is guaranteed to last a long time.

We also do custom orders!


We will grow flowers for your wedding!

We still have space available for our 2019 wedding season!

Do you need arrangements made?

Do you want to do DIY arrangements?

Do you know what color flowers you want?

We have the blooms for your big day!

Send us a message and we'll start planning!

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