All Good Things is a small permaculture farm that started in Salinas Valley, and is now located in Camptonville, California. The farm is run by TJ and Carli. Permaculture is an ecological, regenerative design process  that uses nature as its model for design.  We grow specialty produce, herbs, and edible and cut flowers, for our CSA program, local restaurants, and catering companies in Sierra, Nevada, and Yuba Counties. We believe in working with nature, to create sustainability, and grow food for our family, friends, and community.

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Look How We've Grown

In the beginning

Our farm began as a bare field, surrounded by acres of monoculture in the Salinas Valley.


Our field of dreams

Became a reality!

Our delivery program

Was a hit! And we delivered All Good Things to our local community.


Edible Monterey Bay

Featured us in their magazine!

We continued to grow

And so did our dreams of moving to a new space and starting a family.


So, we said goodbye

To our small farm. It was tough to do, but we uprooted and moved north, with high hopes for new opportunity.

We planted seeds,

Tended the land, and watched our permaculture garden begin to grow.

Before we knew it

We had an abundance of food growing.

We grew food

For over 30 families, in our CSA program, and local restaurants and catering companies.

We got engaged

At our farm, in our field of dreams.

We found the perfect

place and and decided to make a move to Northern California.


Our farm will regrow

And we will have All Good Things growing for our new, local community!