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Consciously grown produce, herbs, flowers, and art.
Providing the true farm to table experience for our local community.
Establishing permaculture gardens and giving back to the land as we grow.

All Good Things Farm started as a dream in Salinas Valley, California. We planted seeds and our dream grew into an abundant 1/4 acre permaculture farm. From our field, we grew food for our local community, and delivered the day we harvested. Our CSA program provided food, flowers, and eggs for over 30 families. And our edible flowers and herbs garnished the dishes of local restaurants and catering companies. For over two years, we grew all good things at our little farm.

As we grew, our dreams grew too. Last year, we were engaged at our farm! Then we decided to make a move, completely uproot, relocate, and regrow!

So we moved All Good Things to Northern California.


Our hope is to once again grow all good things

for our local community.

All Good Things In All Good Time.

All Good Things Farm |   TJ and Carli   |


As we begin to regrow, we have new ideas for what our farm will offer and how we will share

All Good Things with our community.

Stay connected and watch us grow!

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